At Yard Zema International Hotel we provide a wide range of delicious meals to suit individual tastes and requirements. Our restaurant is located on the ground floor and provides exquisite foods from a wide range of culinary sources. We welcome guests in the morning with a rich full buffet breakfast for the perfect start to a relaxing and productive day. Our restaurant can accommodate 150 guests at a time.

Seasoned chefs with experience in local and international cuisine lead a host of cooks in creating dishes for every palate, and staying guests as well as walk-in guests are welcome to dine.

With special request, our hotel prepares excellent buffet service for different events.Our attractive and regularly reviewed menu is designed to keep you going long in to the evening because we serve three Ethiopian and Foreign meals throughout the day.

We are proud to provide our guests with a dining experience that is unforgettable accompanied with exciting ingredients and fresh flavor.